Current Courses

The academy is a platform of business excellence for the healthcare industry, offering a wide range of comprehensive solutions.


Business Leadership Programme for Optometric Practices

  • This is a detailed syllabus developed to grow Optometric Practices from success to significance using key business concepts.
  • The program has six modules in it, each focused on the most important aspects of your business:

Module 1 – Incubation
Module 2 – Business Development
Module 3 – Performance Analytics
Module 4 – Strategic Advisory
Module 5 – Sales Management
Module 6 – Marketing

  • If you want your business to expand to high levels of excellence and revenue growth, then this program is for you.
  • The program covers topics of discussion that take into consideration all the different types of Optometry businesses and what they each need to thrive.

The Experts

  • The academy has an experienced team of professional speakers within the healthcare industry, specializing in a wide range of specialities.
  • Their expertise range from but not limited to the following:

a) Leadership
b) Professional Skills Development
c) Healthcare Speciality
d) Innovation and Disruptive Technology
e) Marketing and Sales Management
f) Business Excellence and Analytics

  • Through the academy we also train professionals on how to become professional speakers, how training in speaking can enhance their communication skills and how they can turn it into a career.
  • Whether you have an upcoming conference, workshop or seminar, the Academy has a wide diverse group of experts to significantly add massive value to your event.

Meet the Experts
Ob Malope; Dr. Darryl Glover; Thabang Mofokeng; Marietjie Cilliers; Ernest Ranaka; Leene Mogobe; Tumelo Diale; Mmuso Selaledi; Zanele Malope; Kirsty Pienaar; Maxine Bolt;

Publication House

Our team of experts have over 15 years’ experience working within the media space and most importantly producing cutting edge quality work for clients from various industries.

Why partner with us for all your media related needs?

1. We are unconventional in our approach.

2. We challenge the status quo in media.

3. We are a team of dynamic young leaders with a passion for excellence.

4. Our team is diverse in that we come from different kinds of backgrounds which enable us to pull from a broader range of viewpoints and expertise.

5. Optometry is just one of the industries we work with and so this allows us to have a wider perspective in what we do.

6. Through the publication house we specialize in content development for your business as follows:
– Content strategy and development
– Social media management
– Website structure
– Media releases
– Corporate reports
– Infographics
– Presentations
– Newsletters
– Blogs

7. We have an experienced team of graphic designers, copy writers, digital media guru`s and tech maniacs that are ready to build your BRAND.

8. We can train you on what brand building is all about.

9. Some of the work we have produced that have revolutionized the Optometry Industry across the world include the following:
– Visionstryt`s Business Guide for Optometrists
– Visionstryt`s Practical Guide for Optometric Staff
– Visionstryt`s Guide to Excellence in Dispensing
– Visionstryt Online CPD Programme

Sales Advancement Course for the Healthcare Industry

The Sales Advancement Course is a comprehensive sales training program that is designed for the following:

  • Building strong, confident, very well skilled and knowledgeable sales teams.
  • Developing and enhancing core sales activities that professionals need to be successful.
  • Establishing advanced leadership sales tactics within management.
  • Redefining the importance of value creation within sales
  • Simplify complex sales challenges that exist
  • Effectively increasing decision making and productivity levels
  • Engineering sustainable revenue growth

Who is the Sales Advancement Course for?

1. Organizations that want to:

  • Grow the sales capacity of their teams
  • Increase revenue growth
  • Expand organizational leadership

2. Business Leaders that want to:

  • Take their teams to higher levels of excellence
  • Transform their organizations
  •  Build a solid sales infrastructure

3. Sales Representatives that want to:

  • Grow their territories
  • Build a rewarding sales career
  • Become the very best at what they do

4. Healthcare Professionals that want to:

– Enhance their professional expertise from a business point of view
– Develop leadership sales skills
– Build confidence within their careers

The Sales Advancement Course will teach you:

  • Why sales specific strategies are important for your business
  • What the impact of sales is to your business
  • How to navigate your business through the sales journey
  • Which people are critical in the sales process
  • Where to establish and grow sales leads
  • When to make key decisions within your business

The Visionstryt Academy is truly a 1 stop platform for all things business for the healthcare industry.

You can sign up for any of our comprehensive business offerings today and take your career or business to the next level.