Marketing guide for the Eyecare industry


Visionstryt`s Marketing Guide for the Eyecare Industry

The internet has opened multiple opportunities to reach niche consumers directly with targeted information that costs a fraction of what big – budget traditional advertising costs. With the many platforms of communication the internet hosts, it has enabled delivery of a wide array of useful content at the precise moment a consumer needs it.

This book is the first of its kind for the Eyecare Industry when it comes to marketing strategies as it is:

Fun and interactive to work through it yourself

Practical and easy to implement the marketing strategies outlined

A step by step process for ensuring you have a comprehensive marketing plan for your business

Focused on different components for your business that involve marketing

Taking into consideration the different types of practices that exist and what marketing solution best suits it

Innovative in how it approaches the various marketing concepts relevant for your business

Written to transform your entire business and take it to the next level of excellence and revenue growth

​You cannot afford to not have this book in your business.



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