Strategic Guide for Optometrists


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Visionstryt`s Strategic Guide for Optometrists is basically a detailed solution driven guideline that should be implemented by businesses that want to grow to the highest possible level of excellence, revenue growth and transformation.

It is a book that you will struggle to put down as it has been written in the form of a workbook that provides you with strategies your business desperately needs.


What got your business this far will certainly not get it to the next level.

The attitude of “We have always done it this way” will not work.

You urgently need to unlearn old ways of doing things and then relearn new ways of doing things.

Information is fast and easily accessible, however it also changes very quickly. So if you don’t stay up to date with the latest of what is going on, you will get left behind. This is what this book is all about, getting your business to the next level.

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