The Visionstryt Academy offers bespoke tailored solutions that are specific to your practice in order to amplify it to the next level.

Visionstryt is your company of choice if you want to take your business to the next level.

Through the Academy Platform Visionstryt focuses on 6 Growth Areas for your business:


Leadership Enhancement

We want to increase the growth potential of your business. This is achieved through creating a high performance working environment & culture of excellence. We turn your employees into catalysts for your business by cultivating & developing them, as they are your most valuable asset.



Marketing Communication Strategy

We design a custom made Go-To-Market-Framework strategy within the guidelines of your budget to ensure your practice takes advantage and thrives from the various social media opportunities. We develop a bespoke digital strategy that will activate your brand to be more relevant and sort after.

Consumer Centricity

We transform your business into a value adding one by positioning it from “what it offers” to “why it exists” in the first place.
Value increases consumer loyalty! We enable your business to have a consumer advantage instead of just a competitive advantage to accelerate its growth of being a market leader in your territory.


Financial Growth

We amplify your sales force for your business by establishing revenue growth areas your practice can capitalize on. Our performance tracker offers your business unique insight into profit-making opportunities versus cost-saving measures.

Practice Analytics

We are focused on creating a framework of business improvement & service excellence for your practice to thrive in. We set your business apart from the rest in its category. Our analytics detail the 5 business framework principles specific to your practice..

Visionstryt Hub

We offer your practice a multi-discipline communications platform for continuous growth and excellence. This engagement platform will allow your practice to have access to a wide range of services and professional expertise without any interruption to your day-to-day operations.


The Visionstryt Solutions on offer for your business are as follows:

  1. You sign up onto the Visionstryt Academy Platform and select all or any of the courses available for only R3500 per practice.

R3500 for all the courses and a comprehensive CPD Programme for a duration of 1 full year for the entire practice is just absolutely amazing wouldn`t you say?

The platform offers the following online courses that your business can embark on for a period of 12 months:


Business Leadership Programme for Optometric Practices

  • There are 6 modules to be completed online
  • All content is delivered in video format
  • The program is for the entire practice


Optometric Staff Training Course

  • There are 3 modules to be completed
  • All content is delivered in video format or training workshops
  • The course is developed for the entire Optometric Team


Sales Advancement Course for the Healthcare Industry

  • There are 4 modules to be completed
  • All content is delivered in video format or training workshops.
  • The course is for businesses that want to elevate their sales capacity of their teams.


Employee Development Course

  • There are 5 modules to be completed
  • All content is delivered in video presentation format
  • The content is for all employees who want to elevate their professional skills to another level.


  1. You can sign up onto the Visionstryt CPD Programme on

The program offers over 80 CPD points available across a wide range of competencies.

  • Once of payment of R1000 for an entire years` subscription
  • 80% of the content is in the form of videos
  • Register now on
  1. You can purchase any of our Publication Books online




  1. Need help with your branding?

Visionstryt can develop a Go – To – Market Framework for your practice that establishes and clearly defines its value to consumers. Our bespoke strategy is designed to enable your practice maximize its effectiveness on all media platforms.

Our approach to building your brand focuses on the following objectives:

  • Enhancing and elevating your brand on broader platforms.
  • Positioning your business as a thought leader and practice of choice.
  • Increasing your practice`s share of voice on various media and digital platforms.
  • Attracting more business for your practice

Complete our brand design checklist and send back to Visionstryt. Once we have assessed your checklist and have an understanding of your unique requirements, we will develop a comprehensive brand design solution for your business.

  1. You can book any of our Leadership Experts for your next event regarding any of the subject matters:
  • Leadership (i.e. business as well as employee development)
  • Technology (i.e. innovative and digital related solutions)
  • Strategy (i.e. finances, sales and organizational)
  • Media (i.e. marketing related solutions)


  1. Healthcare students can also register for the Student Empowerment Course

This online course costs only R500 per student.

The course consists of the following modules:

Module 1 – Healthcare Defined

Module 2 – Business Profiling

Module 3 – Establishing Yourself in Your New Work Environment

Module 4 – There is more to Healthcare than just your academic and clinical knowledge



Visionstryt wants to significantly add great value in your business through the various solutions we have on offer.

We highly recommend you consider registering your business for any one of the options available and make 2019 the greatest and most profitable year in your business to date.

Register on www.visionstrytacademy as well as

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